Blueshoot 1.0

Send text messages over Bluetoooth


  • Straightforward
  • Auto-detects devices in range
  • Send the same message to all


  • You can't hand-pick messages to be sent simultaneously


With Blueshoot you can send instant messages on your phone for free, using your Bluetooth connection.

Blueshoot is ideal for exchanging text messages with someone in the same room as you because you don't need to pay for internet or SMS messaging costs. The application works with all Java-enabled mobile phones that have Bluetooth installed.

Using Blueshoot is a fairly straightforward process. You start by scanning for Bluetooth-enabled phones and laptops then you can 'shoot' a message to any of these devices. You can set up a default message or edit your own before you send it.

Blueshoot comes with a Spy Mode, which you can leave on and it will detect new Bluetooth devices as they come into range. There's also an Auto Shoot mode, where you messages are automatically sent to devices when they are in range.

Messaging can Blueshoot is a little cumbersome at times. For a start, pairing requests need to be sent and accepted, which involves the exchange of codes. Also, it's impossible to hand-pick the recipients of your messages if you want to send the same message simultaneously. Blueshoot only lets you send a message to one person from the list of available devices, or all of them.

But if you want a way to send short text messages for free on your phone, Blueshoot offers a reliable solution.



Blueshoot 1.0

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